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As the England women cricket team added the Twenty20 series to their one-day success over South Africa by winning the deciding match in Johannesburg by four wickets, All Out Cricket LIVE at Lord’s was witnessing a world’s first. Quickscore, the world’s first SMART digital cricket scoreboard now offers brands and cricket clubs around the world the chance to generate substantial additional revenue through their digital advertising platform.

Quickscore, driven by the latest revolutionary technology and wirelessly controlled by the CricHQ mobile application, now offers cricket clubs around the world the opportunity for their sponsors to target cricket fans and promote their brand onsite on the digital advertising Quickscore screen to fans during matches. This means that cricket clubs now have an attractive revenue-share commercial model and are able to generate substantial and additional revenue over the cricket season through the Quickscore digital advertising platform.

Quickscore will boost live match fan engagement by providing fans with live match scores and in-depth match statistics including match data, videos and ‘Hawk-Eye’ style 3D graphics via a free mobile application, all in real-time.

David Geensen, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Quickscore says:

“It was extremely exciting to launch Quickscore at All Out Cricket LIVE at Lord’s on Sunday. Quickscore has been developed by two huge cricket fans for cricket fans! This is the culmination of over two years R & D to develop the state of the art technology behind Quickscore. We were absolutely thrilled to see such great interest and enthusiasm for our Quickscore SMART digital scoreboard from clubs, media and cricket fans both young and old! Our aim for 2016 is to target all 18 major country cricket clubs in the UK, as well as smaller cricket clubs with our new technology scoreboard and free mobile app. Our aim has always been to improve the live match experience for fans through our innovative technology and we believe there is a real demand for real-time technology in cricket, not just in the UK but in other major cricketing territories around the world. “

Abdul Mohamed, Chief Technology Offer and Co-Founder of Quickscore says:

“Our scoreboard provides cricket clubs with the most advanced technology available on the market today. It enables any cricket club around the world to generate substantial additional revenue through our digital advertising platform. Sponsors and partners can target cricket fans and promote their products and services onsite to fans during matches. Quickscore can also be used for a range of other club communication purposes as well as by coaches for cricket development and education. Together with our partner CricHQ, we hope to revolutionize live match cricket for fans via our easy to use, visually engaging and informative Quickscore scoreboard and free-to-download mobile application.”

Quickscore’s modular design allows for easy installation into any cricket ground and for any ongoing maintenance. The scoreboard can be installed with portable, fixed or mounted stands and custom sizes can be manufactured to suit all club grounds.  The scoreboard is fully waterproof (IP65) so can be operational is all weather conditions. It is also has a very low power consumption making it very cost effective to run across the cricketing season.

Quickscore has plans to launch in the US later in 2016, through an exclusive deal with a US based sports distributor and then also into New Zealand in the autumn. Quickscore is also planning to expand into a range of other team sports in the future.

For all media enquiries, high res visual or to arrange an interview please contact Richard Henman at Henman Communications on / M +44 7810 448782

About Quickscore

Using the latest in LED software Quickscore is the manufacturer of the first full colour SMART Scoreboard for cricket, driven by advanced software and powered by CricHQ. Quickscore brings a rich and dynamic experience to all levels of cricket by providing viewers with fun, engaging and informative matches, by displaying in-depth match data, videos and 3D graphics such as Wagon Wheels and Manhattan graphs. Quickscore provides clubs with advanced technology at a competitive rate as potential new funds through Quickscore’s advertising platform.

The Quickscore digital cricket scoreboard dimensions are 2560 x 1280 mm. Custom sizes available upon request, and it be installed with portable, fixed or mounted stands

Quickscore scoreboard -   The scoreboard illustartes: 3D ‘Hawk-Eye’ style annimations, scoring: 0vers & wickets graphics, scoring: run rate charts and much more.

The digital advertising platform for brands and clubs generate addition revenue through match-day advertising. Clubs will able finance and cover the capital purchase cost of a Quickscore scoreboard within a year from this revenue. Video content can be also pre-programmed and scheduled throughout matches. Other video content such as live interviews, action replays, highlights from the match and other video content can be aired.

Quickscore was founded by David Geensen and Abdul Mohamed, long-time friends and cricket teammates. Each brings a unique skill set to Quickscore. David brings a strong background in sales and marketing, successfully launching numerous brands across the world.  Abdul contributes a high level of technical and engineering expertise. Abdul has designed and launched a number of products for his own entrepreneurial ventures as well as for multi-national corporations.

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