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Notes by the Editor - Wisden

When Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack was first published in 1864, it included no comments or opinions at all. As the editors explained, they “carefully avoided making any remarks upon the play or players, as the purport of this little work is to record the scores of the matches”.

But by the turn of the century, things had changed, and since the first set of “Notes By The Editor” appeared in Wisden in 1901, the editor’s opinions have become a key feature of the Almanack, the first pages that readers turn to, to see what bees are in the editorial bonnet this year.

Notes by the Editors is a collection of many of the most memorable editor opinions expressed over the 120 years since they first appeared. Wisden’s views on all the great topics (and some of the smaller ones) are included – throwing, bodyline, Packer, the d’Oliveira Affair, not to mention ball tampering and the development of The Hundred. And the weather, always the weather.

“The Editor of Wisden is an important personage. It is he who decides the policy of the Cricketers’ Bible and cricketers the world over look to him to give a lead on all controversial problems. His is, therefore, no easy task, but Wisden has been fortunate in its editors”.

Jonathan Rice has compiled, written and edited many cricket books, including Wisden on India, Wisden on Grace and The Wisden Collector’s Guide. He is chairman of the County Cricket Heritage Forum, was chairman of the Lord’s Taverners from 2006 to 2008, and was president of Kent County Cricket Club in 2018. He has a complete collection of Wisden.

120 Years of Wisden Opinion
Edited by
Jonathan Rice
12th November 2020 | Hardback | £12.99 | Wisden
Also available in Ebook

A selection from Wisden’s famous “Notes by the Editor”: the beating heart of the Almanack offering the forthright opinions that have changed cricket, its laws, its players, and its history over the years.

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