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New Zealand Legend Retires

February the 12th will be a day to remember for two reasons. Not only is it the start of another highly competitive matchup between New Zealand and Australia, but it will also be the end of superstar Brendon McCullum’s International career. The former wicket-keeper turned Captain told the press before the start of his 100th consecutive test. He has been the torch bearer for New Zealand Cricket for the last decade and the country will surely miss the explosive McCullum across all formats of the game.

At 34 McCullum is not particularly old, but with the wealth available to players who can travel the world and play T20 for big bucks, it is understandable why he wants to save his body and time to devote his last few years’ career to earning a good pension. He has certainly gone above and beyond for his country and no one can fault him for not devoting himself to the International scene. McCullum was captain for all three formats of the national side. The test series against Australia this month will be his last, but for McCullum it is extra special.

Brendon is used to breaking records, and this month will see him become the first player ever to play in 100 consecutive tests. He was waiting till after the series to announce his retirement, but with New Zealand set to announce their T20 World Cup squad, his omission would have caused uproar. So he decided to announce the retirement early. Kane Williamson will be his replacement at captain but it will be harder to replace him with bat in hand.

As with any New Zealand player the team has had only spattering’s of great players, due to their small size, but there is no doubting McCullum’s class as a player. He would walk into any side and the devastation he could potentially cause with his bat, in such a short space of time, was unmatched. His statistics speak for themselves and read as good as any modern day player currently playing.

Brendon McCullum NZ Stat Pack!

Though known for his big hitting, a test average of 38.48 is nothing to be sniffed at. He was an accomplished batter at the long form of the game. He will no doubt be remembered though for his explosive batting and ability to hit any score at any time. When he signed for the first IPL season, for the small fee of $750,000, he proved why there was so much money for players in this form of the game. He scored 158 on the very first game and ushered in the glamorous new T20 era that day, hitting 13 sixes in the process!

In his own words McCullum is a very modest man. The Star from Dunedin said as understated as ever for the best player his country has produced for a generation, “I’ve loved my opportunity to play for, and captain the Black Caps, but all good things have to come to an end, and I’m just grateful for the wonderful experience of playing for my country.”

While the world will move on and stars such as Jos Butler try to take the title of the big hitting wicket keeper, it should be noted that McCullum was not only a modern superstar for New Zealand Cricket but for the sport in all its forms itself. When asked how he had managed to have such a long and successful career the loud man on the pitch, and quiet man off it, unsurprisingly answered with just two words, “Not Sure”.

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