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Lancashire Cricket Supporters Survey

We have had a tremendous response to our survey since it was launched at the start of the Royal London competition. The survey supports our campaign to have the MRG elected by the members and for two member-elected representatives to be on the board at all times.

Thank you to everyone who has taken 5 minutes to respond. It is fantastic to see that there are so many people putting themselves forward to sit on either the MRG or the board and the feedback you've provided will be acted upon.

We want to make sure everyone has had a chance to reply so that we are representing the views of as many Lancashire fans as possible. The club has banned us from handing out the survey inside the ground which makes it harder for those who don't go online much to have a say, so please do complete it and share this survey with any friend or family member who might want to reply.

Please use the following link -

The survey will close on Friday 20 August. We will compile the results and provide an update to everyone in time for the start of the division one stage of the County Championship. We will also be in touch with those people who want to volunteer to serve the club to discuss the best way forward.

During the summer, we have attempted a dialogue with both the club and the MRG on our campaign. We are still awaiting a reply from them. I want to share with you the latest note we have sent to all MRG volunteers and ask that if you do support our campaign that you take the time to email them to say so.,,,;

Letter to the Members Representative Group (MRG)

Dear MRG members

You will have seen that the Cricket Supporters Association and the Lancashire Action Group are campaigning to increase the involvement of Lancashire cricket fans in the club’s governance.  We are encouraging members to put themselves forward for both the MRG and the board alongside a survey to understand supporters' priorities and how they rate the club’s facilities. 

We wrote to Colin in June to ask the MRG to consider its views on our key aims:

1. To have two member-elected representatives on the board at all times.
2. MRG volunteers to be elected by the membership at the next round of appointments.  

We very much hope that the MRG does support these aims and would welcome hearing back from you.

We have had a very positive response to the survey, despite the club preventing it from being distrubuted to supporters in the ground.  The survey will close on Friday August 20th.  

We wish to discuss the issues that concern members and former members with the MRG.  Do you have a new date for the MRG meeting postponed in June as we would like to schedule a meeting before then? We will in any case send you and the club a summary of the survey results.

With best wishes, Alan Higham, Lancashire Member, Cricket Supporters Association board member and Lancashire representative. Co-opted onto the Lancashire Action Group 


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