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We've always supported the Lancashire Action Group since they started, along with purchasing all 7 of their great 'Not the Spin' fanzines.

"Everybody at the Action Group hopes that you are well in what are unprecedented times. Let us hope that next year we will be able to once again watch our beloved County play some cricket.

This year as you probably know we only produced one fanzine which was released in April and if everything next year is back to normality we intend to release 3 publications from April onwards and are delighted to announce that they will be co-edited by Roy Cavanagh MBE and Stuart Brodkin who have both written numerous books on Lancashire cricket.

The Club has just announced that the delayed AGM will be held on Monday 5th October at the Point and will also be available to view on a zoom video link. We have given the Club written notice of 3 questions and they are as following :

1) WHY are Lancashire members being denied the right to serve on the board of what is clearly a members’ club? Our understanding is that the board’s nominations committee pre-approves all nominations for the board itself, making it impossible for independent, individual members to stand for election to the board. This is clearly a closed shop; a situation which is totally unacceptable to the vast majority of members.

What does the board intend to do about this iniquitous situation?

2) In the club’s accounts for last season there is no specific mention of any costs associated with the Sedbergh fixture. However, we note that under the item, ‘Cricket Match Expenses (including hospitality)’ there is a figure of £8,449,729, a massive increase from the previous season’s total of £2,234,672.

It is unclear whether the £6million increase in match-day expenditure is due to the losses incurred by staging the Sedbergh game so to clear up this matter, is it possible for the club to furnish an item-by-item account of the costs for that fixture?

3) In light of current circumstances does the Club have any provision for carrying over StephenParry's benefit year to 2021?

As ever if you would like to contact us then please send us an email to You can buy past copies of our fanzine at and you can also join our ever-increasing followers on twitter at @lancscccaction Thank you"


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