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Demanding The Ashes: Street Cricket Wars

The Cricket Tier - A different view on the world of cricket, is proud to let you know about a great cricketing story. Yes, we all know the 2015 Ashes series between England & Australia has just happened, but The Ashes are very rarely a persons first reason to fall in love with cricket. Find out more with Ricky Striker:          

"Cricket mad Fred Black is about to start high school but he has a huge problem on his hands. Evans - Selwood’s biggest bully who’s picked on Fred all primary school - will be going to the same high school next year. Fred and his best mate, Todd, come up with a crazy plan to stop the bullying for good.

After all, cricket can solve anything. Can’t it? But life is never that simple for Fred. There’s a reason his dad calls him Trouble. And Trouble is definitely about to break loose. Worse trouble than being called names by the school bully. So much trouble it erupts into a street cricket war.

Will Fred be able to put all the trouble right, keep Mum and Dad happy, as well as beat Evans and win the right to his real name back - or will he fail?" Find out in Ricky Striker’s Street Cricket Wars The Complete Serial Episodes #1-5.

Themes: Friendship, Bullying, Sports, Cricket

*Warning 1* - Episode #1 ends on a cliff hanger just like most TV serial episodes. If you’d rather avoid the cliff hangers and get the whole series at once, then you may like to check out the complete serial early bird edition. I made it available early for readers who can’t bear cliff hanger endings or waiting for the monthly installments. It’s cheaper this way too!

*Warning 2* - Contains classic Ricky Striker “Weird Humor” moments based on The Ashes

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