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Who is Haseeb Hameed?

As Haseeb Hameed became the youngest debutant to open for England in a Test match last month, we here at The Cricket Tier decided to take a quick look at the background of this young 19 year old from Bolton. He's back home in England through injury having made his historic test debut for England against India at the Saurashtra Stadium in Rajkot.

Crickets Biggest Characters

For those not in the know Cricket is to them a dull drawn out game that is mostly played by dull entitled people. While there might be some truth in that (no offence Alistair Cook), for the fans who enjoy the ultimate tests in sport, we understand that to excel at this game you must be slightly nuts. That could be the insane concentration required

Bangladesh beat the Three Lions

Bangladesh produced one of their finest ever comebacks to win the second Rocket Test Match and level the two match series at 1-1. This was their one and only Test victory against the Three Lions from England and they fully deserved it. It rounded off yet another all round hard thought Test Match.              

England in Bangladesh

The First Test was a cracking Test Match all round and it had pretty much had everything that kept both sides fans on the edge of their seats all the way to the end. Just shows how far Bangladesh have come in the past 16 years. Not many people a few years ago would have been predicting games between these two countries would now be so close.

BT Sport signs up ex-players

BT Sport has signed England cricket legends Michael Vaughan, Graeme Swann, Kevin Pietersen and Australian great Ricky Ponting to offer expert analysis to kick off its international cricket coverage. The host will be Greg James, BBC Radio 1 presenter and co-host of Not Just Cricket on BBC Radio 5 live. Who will front the coverage on BT Sport.

Difficult time for Durham CCC

Crickey! Where did that news come from about the recent financial goings on at Durham CCC. Were any of you out there aware of any of this at all? We here at The Cricket Tier weren't, although we heard grumblings of what might of been going on but had nothing factual.                      

Why everyone loves Our Joe

Joe Root, with his baby face, cheeky smile and unassuming nature, is definitely the boy next door you don’t mind introducing to your Gran. But put him on a cricket pitch and he will send shivers down the spines of even the most terrifying of bowling attacks.                      

Cricket Corruption exposed

The Guilty Named and Shamed by J. L. Nicholls. International corruption, intimidation and suspicious suicides: the dark underbelly of the gentleman’s game exposed in fascinating detail by one of cricket’s biggest fans. Cricket’s reputation has been dragged through the mud in recent years and it's time for it to be exposed.  

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